Our Board and Train is our most popular program and for good reason. It is designed around your busy life and work schedules. We pick your dog up and we drop them back off at the end of their training. By the end of their time with us, your dog will come back home knowing all of their commands and listen to YOU, even around distractions. The Board and Train is designed to give our trainers as much time as possible with your dog. And don’t worry – we always make sure you know how to follow up with your dog. 

It doesn’t matter how good we are or how long your dog stays with us, if you don’t know what to do afterwards, you and your dog will not be successful. Dog’s always want to return to their strongest habit. If training is not maintained, then you will be right back where you started. This is where so many other programs fail you. We provide you with a whole month of follow up lessons. We make sure that our lessons are packed with information and training tips so that you know how to continue and maintain the training that we put into place.

During their stay with us they go everywhere we go and do everything we do. We train them every step of the way. Many of you have seen our Facebook videos and know that we place a high value on training in the real world and in public. We take multiple field trips to expose your dog to distracting environments and teach them how to focus and behave through those distractions. This program is an incredible “jump start” to training. Call us today to set up your free consultation.