Where the Board and Train could be considered overnight camp for your dog, our Day Train could be considered day-camp! This program really is the best of both worlds. Your dog gets a lot of time with a trainer but you are responsible for much more of the training.

Here’s how this one works:

We pick your dog up for training on a specific day of the week (determined by you) and keep them all day long. At the end of the day, we drop them off and give you a private lesson covering everything they learned that day. You practice all week long. We do it again the next week and again the following week. After each day you get a private lesson and homework for the coming week. You will also receive private lessons for a full month to ensure success with your dog. 

Many people choose this program when they need help getting the training started but still want to play a more prominent role in the training process. This is a really good fit for dogs that fall outside of the “norm”, such as aggressive dogs or any dog that is experiencing difficult behaviors like anxiety, timidity, fearfulness, strong prey drive (chasing). Another reason this is a good fit for challenging dogs is that often times they NEED you to be more involved with the training in order to help the dog understand that you can guide them through their behavior. Call us today to set up your free consultation! And be sure to see our Facebook videos to check out real-life examples of our training process.