I cannot say enough good things about Bob. We came to Bob about a year ago needing help with our then 10 month old German Shepherd named Kayna. Kayna had such a fear of everyone and everything that she reacted the only way she knew how, hackles up and barking. We knew we had a handful. We tried other trainers and to no avail. It was then that we knew we had to seek real help and that's when we found Bob.

From day one we knew that Kayna was going to be a different dog. Bob had such a way of working with her, Kayna immediately paid attention. We sent her to live with Bob for a week and when she came back she was a new dog! You could tell her anxiety and fear had gone away, Bob had given her direction and purpose! Now we can go the the park and play without worrying she'll scare the children. We can take her places without her causing a scene. Kayna is now such a happy dog and we love her so much.

It was a good thing we found Bob when we did because now we have a six week old infant.  Kayna couldn't be a better big sister, she is so gentle and so loving of our new addition. Thank you so much Bob for helping our wonderful dog become the best she could be!


When we took our shepherd mix Lina to Bob, it was a last resort. Lina showed aggression toward new dogs and people and we were told by a family member to "just put her down". Lina is like a child to my husband and I so after hearing this we knew we had to get help. We tried multiple training programs but nothing worked or they wouldn't take us. When we had our first consultation with Bob, Lina was barking, snarling, baring her teeth and lunging toward him.

After seeing Bob work with Lina for just one hour, we decided to hire him as our trainer. After working with Bob for 6 months, Lina doesn't growl or bark when a dog approaches her. We were able to have a Halloween party at our house with new faces, children, and constant trick or treaters and Lina had no problems whatsoever. Bob literally saved our dogs life. Because of him she is a happier dog and we are a happier family. I wish we would have captured a before video because she has made so much progress and is continuing to do better by the day. All of this is because of Bob. My only regret is not doing this sooner!


“Trainer Bob,” as we called him in our home, was such a blessing to us and our newly adopted/rescued Australian Cattle Dog, Sandia. She came into our home at 7.5 years which equaled many years of bad habits. Within a very short time, she would sit, place, stay, and come on command. The biggest hurdle was heeling, as she was awful on a leash (pulling, marking every chance she could get, bolting after squirrels – thus yanking our arm very hard, etc.). I equate this to breaking in a horse…it was by far the most difficult part of the training (to do, and to watch), but it only took one really intense session to get Sandia on the right path.

With our diligence back at home, she became a model heeler…we can even safely and enjoyably have her off-leash when we are hiking. We’ve kept up with her training in our day-to-day lives, and Sandia is a happier dog because she knows what’s expected and wants to please.
Bob Killam is a remarkable dog trainer. We are sad to see him leave Colorado, but wish him all the best in this new chapter.


I met Bob in August of 2013, on a rainy afternoon with my three month old Chocolate Lab named Bailey.  I was at my wits end with this puppy. All he did was bark at me for attention, food, and toys.  I had to play with him or I got that loud puppy bark.  My appointment with Bob was about an hour.  During that meeting, Bailey barked the entire time. We did one on one's for about three months weekly, then we were able to start group classes.  After two years with Bob, my Lab is a well rounded, obedient dog.  I can place him any where and he will not move until I release him.  After all the training that I had done with Bailey, I was still not sure if it was really sticking in Bailey's brain. WELL!!!  Let me tell you that all that hard work on my and Bailey's part has paid off!  Bailey always pays attention to me and waits patiently for my commands even in group class and in my neighborhood.

During our two years, Bob paid close attention to Bailey's behaviors and personality letting me know that when he reaches maturity he might show some aggression.  Lo and behold, Bailey did have some aggression issues with "bouncy" dogs as he neared maturity. After observing a group class with Bailey, Bob called me to let me know that we needed to get Bailey back on track. On that following Saturday, myself, Bailey and Bob had a one on one and refocused his attention onto me and not other dogs.  Right now, today, he is great with other dogs and when he does encounter a dog that is a little to "bouncy" he just walks away. 

I am so very thankful to have found Bob Killam and how well he trained me to be able to train Bailey.


Bob is a fantastic trainer.  He trained my lab and my small dog.  He has a special approach in dealing with dogs that is a real gift.  We were having issues with my small dog.  After one week of working with Walter, he was able to address our issues and turn the dog's behavior around. He has a unique ability to communicate with owners as well.  He worked with my wife and kids to explain to us what our part in the training would be.

When I got my second dog, I didn't hesitate in having Bob work with him. He was able to work with my hunting dog Sue.  I would highly recommend Bob for your dog training needs.


We began working with Bob several years ago prior to a move to London with our dog, Trudy, who was looking forward to romping off-leash in London parks. Thanks to Bob, our life in London was greatly improved, knowing we had the tools to handle any situation with Trudy, on or off-leash. Upon our return to Denver, we also worked with Bob and our newly adopted dog Hobbes, who has a very different "learning style" than Trudy. Bob honed in on the dogs' differences and helped us to understand how to approach and motivate Hobbes. During Hobbes' lessons, Bob even encouraged us to include Trudy, so we could practice handing different challenges and settings with both dogs. This has been so valuable for our everyday outings with our furry duo.

Bob's training (of both the dogs AND humans!) truly changed our lives for the better. I can't recommend it enough.

Thanks, Bob!